The product you select will be integrated into an existing e

The product you select will be integrated into an existing economy. That economy will be very important to the success or failure of a marketing strategy. In some cases, a product may not depend on a macroeconomic analysis but that micro-economy still functions within the larger national economy. Some critical economic characteristics need to be considered:What is the size of the GDP? (Total and Per-Capita)What is the rate of unemployment?What is the rate of inflation?What is the growth forecast for the country’s economy?What talents does the labor force have?What is the age distribution of the labor force?What key resources does the country have?Are there critical concerns in the country as to its economic performance?Here is what you need to do for this assignment:Provide a summary table of core economic data and growth rates for:InflationUnemployment by race and gender and age, underemployed and long term unemploymentReal GDPStock Market PerformanceBudget DeficitTrade DeficitExchange RatesWage levelsInequality measures in income, education, assetsYou can find some of this core data at the Economist link below or even the Euromoney link has good summary data:Situate the country on the policy cross (see handout)Read economic analysis about the country from credible sources such as research institutes or international organizations such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund or OECD to provide a summary of economic risk in that country.Suggested Resources: ( for equity data)