The Portfolio Project, due at the end of Week 8, is a statis

The Portfolio Project, due at the end of Week 8, is a statisticalanalysis using one or more of the statistical analysis approachespresented in Modules 4 and 5. These various approaches are designed toproduce business intelligence to resolve problems and enable managementto make informed business decisions.You will be conducting these analyses based on your evaluation andpreparation of the data in Module 6 using the IBM SPSS statisticalanalysis software. This week’s lecture contains the information you needfor downloading and using the SPSS software. Having completed youranalysis for the Week 6 Critical Thinking Assignment, you will refineand present your findings in the Portfolio Project and associate them tobusiness knowledge that can be used to enhance the decision-makingabilities of the organization.Your Portfolio Project submission should include the following sections:Introduction: Introduce the organization, thebusiness problem that you defined in the Week 6 Critical ThinkingAssignment, and the data that was presented to you.Data Preparation: Discuss the data and any qualityand accuracy concerns that you discovered. Describe your approach toprocessing the data to improve the chances of discovering new knowledgefrom the existing data.Analysis Approach: Describe your chosen analysisapproach. Include your assessment of how effective the method was indiscovering new relevant knowledge within the data.Findings: Present and discuss your findings as theresult of your analysis. Include any supporting data, graphics, tables,charts, etc., along with your analysis of the findings. Discuss anycorrelations, associations or patterns that you identified in the data.Application: Briefly discuss your findings as theypertain to the business problem. How might the organization use this newknowledge to make informed business decisions to resolve the businessproblem?Discussion: Discuss the limitations of your datamining process in discovering useful business intelligence.Additionally, discuss other research or analysis methods. What methodsmight another data mining expert consider using should the organizationneed further analysis on this data and business problem?