The Man of Many Wiles Discuss [compare/contrast] the charac

The Man of Many Wiles: Discuss [compare/contrast] the character of Odysseus in Homer [ Iliad and Odyssey] and Sophocles [Ajax] or Philoktetes.*I will negotiate on price, it does not have to be an A quality paper just looking to pass*·Mustinclude evidence from readings insupport of your claims and conclusions.·Evidencemust be cited in MLA or Chicago format.·Mustinclude supporting quotations from originalsources [Greek authors]·Typedin Times New Roman 12 point.·Margins:Left, Upper and Lower = 1” Right =1.5”·Minimum2100, Maximum 2500 words.·Bibliographic information: in foot- or endnotes·Bibliography,citations and quotations: in MLA or Chicago format