The assigned Reading and Study focused on the differences between opinion and analysis. Many people have opinions regarding the right to bear arms and the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, but high quality analysis of the issue is much less common than mere statements of opinion. In this Research and Writing Assignment, you are required to research the history and purpose of the Second Amendment, and write a 3–5-page research paper, citing 5–7 scholarly sources to support your analysis. Note that your analysis should identify and discuss competing interpretations of the Second Amendment and seek to determine which of these interpretations most accurately reflects the intentions of the Founding Fathers. Please also discuss whether this interpretation is consistent with a Christian worldview—i.e. in what way and to what extent it is supported by biblical principles. Please follow Turabian Author-Date style for this research paper. See Grading Rubric in the Content Folder for details on grading criteria.


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