The final project involves your review (follow) of two organ

The final project involves your review (follow) of two organizations– one for-profit and one not-for-profit site of your choice — togather data that you will use to prepare a presentation of ‘bestpractices’ and ‘recommendations’ for the organization, for the consumer,or for the industry at large.The project will consist of these parts (specific instructions will follow):PART I — BACKGROUND and LITERATUREDescription of the organizations and their digital/social media platformsOverview and history of the industry using literatureFrame the project (put it in context) — what were you hoping to find out?PART II — DATA METHODS AND FINDINGSData from your follow time frame (10-15 days) — use the contentanalysis process to review for content, behavior, interaction, style,etc.Explain how you approached the research process, how you collected dataInclude summary of data (chart/table)Describe and analyze your data in a narrative that discusses themes or patternsPART III — CONCLUSIONS and RECOMMENDATIONSYour conclusions about the data and what these mean to the industry of social media practiceYour best practices and recommendation drawn from what you learnedThis project should be prepared as a Word Document with a cover page, table of contents.