The dissertation investigates the methods of credit risk man

The dissertation investigates the methods of credit risk management used byUS banks, i.e. TD Bank U.S. Holding Co,HSBC North American Holdings Inc.,Capital One Financial Corp,Wells Fargo & Co, Bank of America Corp.Literature is reviewed on the concepts of credit, risk and risk management. Theforms of risk and the process of risk management are detailed, credit riskexposure in banks is addressed, the components of the risk management strategyare defined, the challenges of credit risk management are outlined. The methodsof the research are based on the analysis of secondary data and primary dataobtained from interviews with the banks’ staff. Statistical analysis isconducted of the banks’ financial performance over 2012-2016. Conclusions aremade about the adequacy of the techniques used by the studied banks for themitigation of their credit risks.APA style with inline citationspage count 146must have all research documentation included