The Assignment As an EMBA who has studied the e-Business Tec

The Assignment As an EMBA who has studied the e-Business Technologies module, you are assigned by your CEO to write a business report for the Senior Management of your organization. The report should: 1- Outline the main contemporary issues in E-Business and where it is going 2- Identify emerging opportunities and challenges for your sector in general and for your organization in particular . 3- Make some recommendations based on your findings. This assignment will require you to conduct comprehensive research of relevant literature (e.g. journal papers, books, consultancy and government reports as well as newspaper and business magazine articles etc) and real life examples. The report should consist of an executive summary, a detailed explanation of your main points and how you arrived at those points (evidence), and areas that will require further research and observations. You should also provide a detailed list of useful e-Business resources and references you used to inform your assignment. Your views must be backed up with evidence and well-grounded reasoning. The focus is on emerging e-Business opportunities and challenges in your sector for your organization – from a business perspective. Further details about the assignment will be provided during the lectures.