TEMPLATE&nbspRead the information attached about a personal wor

TEMPLATE Read the information attached about a personal worldview. You should answer the questions in a thought provoking manner. These questions are designed so that the answers will demonstrate your personal worldview. After reading and completing the information on your Personal worldview, and, within the same document, you will provide examples of Business ethical practices—good and bad—that reflect a particular ethical/moral worldview emphasis. Your paper should be written in APA style, using 3–4 references from Business/professional magazines/periodicals. You will submit this paper within the same document as the Personal Worldview Answers.Your completed Personal Worldview Answers/Business Ethics Paper should be 3–6 pages. Personal Worldview & Business Ethics PaperYour NameLiberty University BMAL 560DateInstructor’s Name   STEP 1To what extent should personal religious beliefs impact our decisions about business ethicsYour reply goes here.To what extent do your personal religious (or non-religious) beliefs about life impact your sense of business ethics and personal decision-making?Your reply goes here.Does it seem odd to connect every belief we have about life back to what we believe about God?Your reply goes here.Article 1- “What is a worldview and why is it important to me?”Has your answers to either of the first two questions changed after reading article 1?Your reply goes here.Do you believe in absolute truth?  Is there more than one way/religion to understanding absolute truth about God and the meaning of life?Your reply goes here.Do you believe that humans have free will in their decisions, or are they entirely a product of their personal environment, circumstances, upbringing, etc.Your reply goes here.Are things such as true love, beauty, and justice really possible, or are those values totally determined by cultural beliefs and norms?Your reply goes here.STEP 2Have your answers to any of the last questions changed after reading article 2?Your reply goes here.So far in what you’ve read and in what you’ve experienced in life, does it seem odd or offensive to see Jesus Christ as the foundation for life and meaning?Your reply goes here.STEP 3Have your answers to either of the last two questions changed after reading article 3?Your reply goes here.Now that you’ve read all of the articles, how has your view of meaning, ethics and your own worldview changed?  What questions or comments do you have about what you’ve read?Your conclusion goes here.References[Your Personal Worldview references go here]       Business Ethical Practices[Your Business Ethical Practices section goes here]IntroductionEthical Practices #1Ethical Practices #2Conclusion References[Your Business Ethical Practices references go here.]