Telemarketing Fraud and Endorsement Part I Telemarketing fra

Telemarketing Fraud and Endorsement Part I Telemarketing fraud is a widespread type of white-collar crime. Elderly victims are often specifically targeted. Why is telemarketing fraud so rampant? Why is telemarketing fraud so difficult to prevent or prosecute? What characteristics of the elderly make them attractive targets for perpetrators of phone fraud? In addition, elderly victims are more susceptible to religious and charity-based scams. It is especially difficult to prosecute religious organizations when they are suspected of engaging in fraudulent activities. What characteristics of these large religious organizations make investigation difficult? How can law enforcement work around these issues? Part II Celebrities often endorse products. For example, Michael Jordan promotes Hanes underwear and Guy Fieri endorses T.G.I. Friday’s restaurants. How much responsibility should a celebrity endorser bear if the product they promote turns out to be fraudulent, unsafe, or harmful in some way? Think of an example of a celebrity endorsing a harmful or illegal product. Describe the example and explain why the celebrity should not be endorsing that product.