Task 1Submit a work proposal for this assignment on or befo

Task 1:Submit a work proposal for this assignment on or before, which must include: Understanding of deliverables – a detail description of deliverables General overview of proposed plan – initial understanding and solution Resources identified Time scheduleThe work proposal must be submitted in a word file through the link available on Moodle>Task 2:Internet based email communication systems are implemented based on the collection of several email serverswhich consist of various email IDs and domain names. These different domain name based email IDscommunicate with each other with the help of internet service providers based on various locations. In thisconnection to deliver an optimized performance for an internet based email system it needs to be managed byproper server configuration and network management. It can be achieved mainly by considering the keyfeatures such as network infrastructure, choosing right email server application over internet, clustering emailservers, disaster recovery management based on the need and load balancing of the servers permissible tohandle various email clients to access without any delay in communication.Question:Write a detailed report on the different platforms mail communication systems. The report should includeliterature review of main features and published paper as references. Note: The Task 2 report should not morethan 5,000 words.Select published papers reference (preferably from the ACM DL or IEEE CSDL) that is discussing different aspectof various platforms mail communication system. Summarize this paper in one page. The summary shouldinclude the main ideas presented in the paper. Task 3:Using virtual (VMVirtualBox) environment, evaluate technologies to support email server communication withinan organization by implementing a test environment for email communication application with ExchangeServer 2013. Your model should consist of a server and a client which should include the application basedand web based client access support. The report should include installation steps and configuration steps of exchange server and in two different independent Operating systems for server and client. Ensure the clientserver communication between exchange server and client via email transfer and you should have the basicknowledge for troubleshooting the system in case of any errors.A viva exam will be conducted on 10th academic week in which technical questions related to theimplementation will be asked. Students need to be well aware about their respective implementations and mailcommunication server administration concepts as questions may cover the holistic view of mail communication.All tasks will be assessed based on viva. Zero Marks will be awarded if the student is absent for viva.