Synthesize the individual assignment deliverables from Weeks

Synthesize the individual assignment deliverables from Weeks 1 through 5 and create a broad high-level Information Technology (IT) Strategy plan for your chosen business organization in a minimum of 3,150 words which includes the following:An executive summary that includes your chosen enterprise, industry sector, product, intended market with an overview of the business focus, corporate culture, ethical framework, and discussion of how the IT value chain will support enterprise innovation and competitive advantageA technology governance plan for managing the selection, acquisition, management, use, and security of business information systemsA systems acquisition plan that includes steps to initiate, analyze, design, acquire, implement, and maintain business information systemsAn outline in the data collection plan of the data requirements, data collection, and management processAn information systems risk management plan that includes the process of identifying, analyzing, and mitigating information systems risk, including a brief summary of the disaster recovery and business resumption planning process