Stuxnet is a computer worm that received much media attentio

Stuxnet is a computer worm that received much media attention recently. You will be writing a paper about it. The video below will give you a good starting point about what Stuxnet is and its target. You can also research the internet to find additional sources. Remember you are writing a college paper. This means your grammar and structure should be excellent, sentences and paragraphs are cohesive and logical, there are listed references or a bibliography, and it is at least 400 words (not including the bibliography). Finally, you will be submitting this paper through a tool called VeriCite. This tool checks your paper against internet and college databases to ensure your content is not plagiarized. If you do not know what plagiarism is, look it up. If you plagiarize content you will receive a zero in this course. Make sure you write your paper in Microsoft Word!PBS.NOVA.2014.Rise.of.the.Hackers.720p.HDTV… (Links to an external site.) by ekemaman (Links to an external site.)