Steel Wheels reporting features of the current system are

Steel Wheels’ reporting features of the current system are very poor and do not allow the data visualization needed for the Executive Leadership Team to assess the performance of the organization and make the appropriate decisions based on Steel Wheels’ data. Login to Pentaho (a real-life BI Tool) by using the link called Pentaho A Real Life BI Tool Step 1: click on Pentaho A Real Life BI tool link in the Activities and Assignments folder in Week 7. Step 2: Fill out the sign-in form. It is recommended that you use fake information while registering (e.g. Smith, Joe Doe, 555-555-5555). Once you fill out the form click on SEND. After you click SEND you will be immediately logged in to Pentaho and Continue on next page. Keep in mind that Pentaho may change login instructions without notice and you should follow Pentaho updated instructions as directed on Pentaho web site Step 3: Click on DASHBOARDS. This will take you to the Dashboards screen. To create your Dashboard click on CREATE NEW. Step 4: Review the PDF files and Watch the videos located in the Pentaho screen/website in order to creaet your dashboard. The PDF and video will guide you step-by-step on how to create the dashboard. In order to successfully create the dashboard you will have to spend time first reviewing the PDF and/or watching the videos. Step 5: Use Pentaho’s pre-defined data and reports to create your Dashboards. Be creative while creating your Dashboard and Power Point presentation. Follow the instructions located in the link Pentaho Dashboard Walkthough in the Activities and Assignments folder in Week 7. These instructions will walk you through how to create a working dashboard. You can be creative and build your own dashboard using this guide or build the dashboard based on the various templates, themes, reports, and properties already available in Pentaho’s reports library.Once you created the Dashboard in Pentaho, create a 5-8 slide Power Point presentation to present your work to the Executive Leadership Team. The Power Point presentation should include screenshots of the dashboard you created. In addition, the presentation should include answers to the following questions: What is the purpose of the dashboard and how the dashboard will benefit Executives in Steel Wheels? What type of questions will Executives be able to answer using the dashboard?