Some work has already been done and has been attached, modif

Some work has already been done and has been attached, modify it to your best way of choice to make it workopen the file named Sample Final Report.. That is how your paper suppose to look like. Provide table of contents and abstract. Note that they are not included in the word count. Provide 1 page summary of your paper, as it is a paid feature. Keep in mind that it has to be 275 words and it is not included i the total word count as well. Follow the outline: 1. Introduction • State purpose and topic of report. • Indicate intended audience. • Provide a brief overview. 2. Project description • Briefly describe the project. • Mention purpose and scope of project. • Give dates for starting and finishing. • Give names of suppliers and clients. 3. Progress summary • Discuss your work • what work you’ve completed • what work is in progress • what work is still to be done 4. Problems encountered • Mention problems that may jeopardize certain aspects of the project • quality • schedule • cost 5. Changes in requirements • Keep a record of changes • new requirements, • schedule shifts, etc. 6. Overall assessment • Give a general opinion about how the project is going. = Provide the clients with information they need to act as managers or executives of the project as a whole. Other possible sections of progress reports • summary of financial data on the project • results of product testing – The number of sources suppose to be 18. -The paper supposed to be single-spaced.- Proofread and work with the format using the attached Sample. Regards.