slide presentation

Math is a real-life skill and is an exciting skill. To own comfort and pleasure with mathematics adds to each person’s life success. In this project, you will explore how mathematics can be utilized in your profession/career. Using Microsoft PowerPoint, create a total of 5 slides for this project that includes:

  • Slide 1 – Provide your name, the project title, and the course and section number.
  • Slide 2 – Introduce your chosen profession and write a brief overview of the mathematical concept you will apply to the profession. CHOSEN PROFESSION HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT
  • Slide 3 & 4 – Describe how the concept could apply to your chosen profession.   Explain how you would use the mathematical concept and provide example(s) of situations in which you would use the concept you have chosen. Show all work/steps for your example(s).  
  • Slide 5 – Provide the resources you have used to give credit to others’ ideas and information.


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