Short Psalm

This reflection assignment is an opportunity for you to be creative and to do some theological reflection on your own life and your relationship with God. For this assignment, you will write a short psalm (of your own creation). Before preparing your psalm, perform an internet search on “psalm types”. The book of Psalms contains many different psalm types. For instance, praise and lament are two psalm types that appear frequently in the book of Psalms. Praise psalms recount the marvelous deeds of God and ascribe credit and honor to God for the ways that God has blessed His people. Psalms of lament give voice to the struggles of life and recognize the dependence of humanity on God for protection, healing, and deliverance. Classifying individual psalms according to type is one way identify the literary, structural, thematic and theological patterns and emphases shared by different psalms. Prepare and submit a psalm that has meaning and significance for your personal life and that exhibits the characteristics and patterns that are common to one of the psalm types you learned about in your research. Then, in one double-spaced page, discuss how your psalm reflects the themes and patterns that are characteristic of that type. For example, if you write a psalm of lament, discuss what makes your psalm a psalm of lament.