Sending follow-up thank you notes and emails is very importa

Sending follow-up thank you notes and emails is very important in business communication.  Customers, colleagues and other correspondents appreciate it when you thank them.  Many employers expect a thank you email after giving you an interview.  Thus, if you fail to send a note, you may lose the job.For this discussion board, you will write a thank you note.   Assume that your resume and cover letter were polished enough to get you an interview.  You just got home after this interview and immediately begin to craft your thank you email.  Be sure to include an appropriate subject line and address the note to a specific person.   You may make up additional details to fit the scenario, as needed.  See page 346 in your textbook for a few pointers about thank you messages. Remember to state something specific and positive about the interview, such as a particular area that interested you.Post your thank you note to the board and respond to two classmates.  Remember you cannot view your classmates’ posts until you enter your post.This assignment is worth 15 points and requires your initial post and comments to others.Attachments: page346.docx