Semester 2Loyalty and BetrayalLife and DeathTime Past &amp Pre

Semester 2Loyalty and BetrayalLife and DeathTime: Past & PresentJustice and InjusticeConclusionITEMFEEDBACKLAST ACTIVITYGRADESTATUSWP-Writing: Explication: The Final Draft UPCOMING-/10084AVERAGE100MEDIAN WP-Assignment: Outlining a Satirical Argument UPCOMING-/3030AVERAGE30MEDIAN WP-Discussion: Great Satire on the Web UPCOMING-/1010AVERAGE10MEDIAN WP-Assignment: Context Clues for ‘Why Are Beggars Despised?’ UPCOMING-/6060AVERAGE60MEDIAN WP-Web Quest: Historical and Cultural Factors UPCOMING-/7070AVERAGE70MEDIAN WP-Writing: Newspaper: Putting It All Together UPCOMING-/300250AVERAGE300MEDIAN WP-Web Quest: Every Man a King UPCOMING-/3535AVERAGE35MEDIAN WP-Writing: To Be A King UPCOMING-/5050AVERAGE50MEDIAN SC-Writing: Final Project UPCOMING-/10093AVERAGE100MEDIAN English 4 Semester A Exam May 12, 2016 12:14 AMUPCOMING-80.63AVERAGE84MEDIAN LB – Discussion: Exploring the Context