Select two out of the three essay questions below and prepar

Select two out of the three essay questions below and prepare a short business essay. Your work needs to be original work (no cut and paste) and thoughtful examples (if appropriate) provided. Each essay is valued at 30 points for a total of 60 points.Your essay is graded as follows: 1. Revealing content that supports your answer (argument): 60% weight 2. Good business composition: (expression) 20% weight 3. Examples rendered and or required citations: (amplification) 20% weight Please utilize  1 ½ or double spacing, 11 or 12 point size, Times New Roman or Ariel font, and include a plain cover page with your name and date.      1.  Identify and briefly explain the five dimensions of national culture as outlined by Hofstede.   Why is it important to understand within the framework of organizational behavior?                2.  There are certain ‘in’ and ‘out’ concepts for organizations.  List three ‘in’ organizational concepts and three ‘out’ organizational concepts and briefly explain each using business examples.         3.  Traditional management and organizational behavior is broken down into planning, organizing, leading and controlling.     Today, other criteria are coming to the forefront of organizations.     Describe these concepts and render one business example of each.