Section 5 Hypothetical Results The Hypothetical Results se

Section 5: Hypothetical Results: The Hypothetical Results section should be 500 words in length.Describe the predicted result of each analysis that was proposed in the Method section. Use the results to determine whether the research hypotheses are confirmed or not. (CONFIRM MY RESULTS) Present the final answer to the main research question posed in the introduction and/or literature review. Evaluate the conclusion against the existing literature. In the Hypothetical Results section, cite at least two new references or two from those cited in the literature review. Instructor’s advice In addition, you are to include a section called Hypothetical Results in which you write what your results supposedly were. This section would not be in a real research proposal. You must say how your data was analyzed. Do not just say scores were compared. You need to say what scores were compared and how they were analyzed. Are your results statistically significant? Do not include graphs or tables. The 500 words listed in the assignment only refer to the Hypothetical Results section. Attached is the method’s section of my proposal and I would like to confirm my results. Please follow all the requirements listed.