Search for and read the following New York Times article&nbsp

Search for and read the following New York Times article:  ‘E.U. Said Ready to Charge Google With Antitrust Violations Over Android’ and ‘UPDATE 20 APRIL 2016:  Google was charged – see ‘Google charged by EU in Android monopoly lawsuit’ in CNN Money’You work for Tom Petty who owns Free Fallin’ Incorporated (FFI).  FFI is heavily invested in Android applications and Tom is afraid the European Union’s (E.U.) decision may impact his company.  Tom wants you to write him a memo explaining whether or not you believe the E.U. is justified in its decision about targeting Google with antitrust violations.You shall write Mr. Petty a well-written business memo that explains whether or not you agree with the European Union.You shall back up your position in this memo with properly-cited and referenced information from at least two different sources.You shall properly cite the New York Times article where used in the memo, and include it in your reference list.The length of the business memo shall be within 400 words(+/-50).