Scenario You have been promoted to senior level manager of

Scenario: You have been promoted to senior level manager of a company with low employee morale and decreased productivity. You have been tasked with developing a strategic plan for the workforce to present to the CEO and other members of the leadership team. Choose your organization or one you know well to use for this assignment. You may use the same organization you used in previous weeks. Develop a 1-year strategic plan of action for your organization using lessons learned and your learning team activity during Week 3. Include plans for any additional staffing and the proposed budget for your plan. Modify your SWOT analysis, if necessary, for your presentation.Create a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint® presentation including speaker notes and the following: Explain rationale for planDiscuss SWOT of organizationSummarize one year plan of actionFlowchart of one year planGive an overview of Budget for planEvaluate the potential benefit of the planWrite conclusionDevelop a 700-word summary for the Executive team. Append your budget and SWOT analysis to the plan. Create a 2- to 3-minute motivational video for the workforce highlighting your leadership style as an asset to the organization and the workforce and your assigned task. Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.