Review&nbspyour Weeks 1-4 assignment and reflect on what you le

Review your Weeks 1-4 assignment and reflect on what you learned about critical thinking during the course.Write a 400-500 word reflection paper in which you reflect on the following key questions and concepts from our course:• What are the three most significant things that you learned about critical thinking during this course? Reference the readings.• How has your critical thinking changed since starting this course?• Re-evaluate your stage of development in critical thinking and explain why you placed yourself in that stage. If your rating has changed since Week 1, explain why you think this change occurred.• How do you plan to apply what you learned about critical thinking to the following:-Future classes at University of Phoenix-In working with your learning team-In your job or career-In your personal lifeFormat your paper using the APA guidelines. Include in text citations and references to readings used in the classAttachments: hum115_r5_stages_critical_thinking_1_1_1.doc foreign_policy_paper_1.docx social_concern_issues_2_1.docx how_to_solve_financial_problems.docx