Review the most current results of FORTUNE Magazines annual

Review the most current results of FORTUNE Magazine’s annual ranking of America’s “100 Best Companies to Work For.” Explore the website of at least three of the companies noted. Develop a two- to three- page paper that addresses the following:When reviewing the descriptions of the work environments, identify elements that appear to foster employee motivation and group cohesion among employees. Relate your analysis to the material presented in the chapters assigned for reading this week. For example, there may be elements that support George Homans’ theory, or another theory of exchange in groupsInstructions from the instructor: My tips are meant to help you format and research the assignment to meet the grading rubric, I hope they help you write a paper that years from now you could pick up and understand ‘why the heck you wrote it’ I believe that it is your job, the writer, to help, the reader from the opening sentence to the closing references clearly understand your position on the topic.  This assignment is a BRIEF paper (2-3 pages) so you absolutely have to be spot on.1.  Write a brief 1 sentence abstract that tells the reader the purpose of your paper.  For example:   AbstractThis paper will explore three Best Companies to Work for by identifying  elements that impact motivation and cohesion supported by using examples like George Homan’s Exchange Theory.2.  This is your choice, how will you organize your paper,  You could have 3 sections, one for each company or 2 sections (there are 2 parts to the assignment) either way, by using sub-headings the reader will know where they are at all times. 3.  Finally a conclusion.  What did you discover, what key points do you want the reader to walk away with?As for references, I don’t know how you could research 3 companies without references, as well as the concepts.  But remember, you are only allowed up to 25% reference material. So DO NOT CUT AND PASTE THIS PAPER.   The best combination is to define your terms, share your opinions or observations and support it with research.  You can’t just say that Google is a great place to work because they treat their employees well, you need to connect to the course concepts.  I know every benefit Google offers I promise you, the importance of this assignment is connecting to the theories.  So do your home work.  What does the Exchange Theory mean, How does the Equity Theory work?Attachments: 05ch_losh_behavior.pdf 06ch_losh_behavior.pdf