Revenue Cycle Workflow ScenariosInherent in the Revenue Cycl

Revenue Cycle Workflow ScenariosInherent in the Revenue Cycle workflows is the need to collaborate with other departments to ensure performance benchmarks are met and the ultimate goal of timely and accurate cash flow is attained. In this activity, you will identify which departments need to work together to resolve the situation presented in several scenarios. To complete this assignment, do the following: Download the scenarios below.Beneath each scenario, identify the department(s) involved from the list below and explain each department’s role in resolving the issue. Patient Access/Admissions HIMs Coding Patient Accounts/Billing Chargemaster Management Accounts Receivable CDI Utilization Management Clinical Services (Providers, Radiology, Nursing, and other Ancillary Services) AdministrationAttachments: him2133_module04_rcworkflow_assignment.docx