Retail Supply Chains PresentationDue&nbspMay 09, 1159 PMNot Su

Retail Supply Chains PresentationDue May 09, 11:59 PMNot SubmittedPOINTS 10 Presentation1Objectives: 1.11.2  InstructionsAssignment FilesGrading  As a newly hired supply chain manager, you are tasked to evaluate the supply chain options for an up and coming manufacturer and retailer of life style watches.Your project will cover the following areas:Review of existing supply chain types; supply chain length and supply chain width.Evaluate the needs of the model company and develop a recommendation with regard to the type of supply chain and selected channel to distribute products.Outline your role in managing the selected supply chain and your overall responsibilities as a supply chain manager. Present your ideas in a 5- to 7-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation.Click Assignment Files tab to upload your assignment.