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The Cell cycle: When does DNA replicate?

To begin, During Mitosis DNA is replicated during the S phase (Synthesis Phase) of interphase. Interphase is where a cell usually spends most of its life. They spend most of their time here before mitosis occurs (M phase). Mitosis is a form of cell division in which a cell divides once and produces two genetically identical daughter Cell, sometimes used to refer only to the division of the genetic material or nucleus and not to include cytokinesis, the subsequent division of the cytoplasm.

“In cells with a nucleus, as in eukaryotes, the cell cycle is also divided into three periods: interphase, the mitotic (M) phase, and cytokinesis. During interphase, the cell grows, accumulating nutrients needed for mitosis, preparing it for cell division and duplicating its DNA. DNA replication is important to the cell cycle for many reasons but to start if DNA never replicated meiosis and mitosis would slowly halve the size of the genome until each cell would die, so by DNA doubling itself it accounts for the cells splitting during mitosis.”

DNA replication begins with DNA unwinding and unzipping, its two strands coming apart. While only one side is the “correct” code, containing the actual genetic information used to build the organism’s proteins, both can be the base for a new strand of complete DNA. The enzyme DNA polymerase matches up each base with the correlating base: adenine with thymine and guanine with cytosine. When each pre-existing base has been matched to a nucleotide, which also contains the sugar and phosphate of the DNA’s backbone, the strand is complete. What happens in the S phase of interphase is Interphase consists of three stages: first gap (G1), synthesis (S) and second gap (G2). The cell replicates DNA only in the S phase. Before the cell can transition from G1 to S, it must clear the G1 checkpoint. The cell will only enter the S phase if the DNA is undamaged and the cell has grown sufficiently in the G1 stage. With these phases working together this is how DNA replicates.