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To me Sustainable Agriculture means, that people as whole on earth must treat the resources on land regarding the need to preserve food crop yields with dignity; in order to leave equal access to food production through farming, cultivation without destroying or using up all the crops on land so that proceeding generations have nothing to survive on. For First world developed Countries Sustainable Agriculture will need to “look like” or model practices that increase production in crops by genetically modifying crops through (GMOs) or Genetically Modified food stuff. Scientists will breed crop yields in a lab to eventually be more efficient by being stronger to withstand insects, pesticides, and disease. In addition these crops will use less fertilizer by being able to generate their very own nitrogen fertilizer, while adapting to mild salinization buildup. Two examples of these genetically engineered crop yields are triticale a cereal grain created by the mixture of cross breeding wheat and rye and golden rice contain beta carotene. However, compared to the exponential growth of developed impoverished third world countries their food production in crops is at a far less deficit due to not enough fertilizers, poor soils, and degradation of land. Also in developing third world countries they do not have the expenses being limited to getting their hands on fossil fuel crude oil to run green advanced systems. Despite though being unable to grow many crops developing third world countries turned to aquaculture or fish farming. Some examples of developing third world Countries using Aquaculture are Southeast Asia performing shrimp farming, Mexico, Central America, and South America