Respond to at least three other students initial forum answe

Respond to at least three other students initial forum answers with a minimum of 200 words each. I will added the students papers in the drop files Inyour replies to classmates you may offer your opinion on the topic ofthe week, substantially support or supplement another student’s answer,or even politely disagree with or challenge their forum answer (butdo not ask your classmates questions, or do so only as a last resort perthe forum philosophy). Also,do not be afraid to respectfully disagree with the readings or aclassmate where you feel appropriate; as this should be part of youranalysis process and employs critical thinking and academicfreedom. Forum posts are graded on demonstrated knowledge of the lessonand weekly readings, relevance, timeliness, as well as clarity andquality of analysis and synthesis. Sources utilized to support answersare to come from the weekly readings, but other credible and scholarlysources may be used to supplement (but not replace) the assignedreadings. However, dictionaries, encyclopedias and Wikipedia are notscholarly and are not acceptable sources in college level work. Allforum work must be completed within the academic week.