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Resources: SWOT Analysis tableComplete an environmental scan for the health care organization you chose in Week Two.Use the SWOT Analysis table, located on the student website.Assess the organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses.Analyze the industry for opportunities and threats.Perform a gap analysis. A SWOT analysis helps determine performance gaps. It includes the following components:StrengthsWeaknessesOpportunitiesThreatsDescribe the organization’s present and prospective customers.Consider the following external factors:Consumer and socialCompetitiveTechnologicalEconomicLegal and regulatorySubmit the SWOT analysis as a Microsoft® Excel® attachment.Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word report in which you do the following:Explain why an environmental analysis is important in the development of your strategic plan by answering the following questions:What is the purpose of environmental analysis?What are the implications of environmental analysis in the creation of your strategic plan?What are the major benefits of competitive analysis as part of your strategic planning process?What evolving economic, legal, and regulatory issues may potentially have an effect on your strategic plan?Based on your SWOT analysis, provide an assessment of your chosen organization in which you include the following:The organization’s ability to accomplish its mission, goals, and objectives as set in previous strategic plansThe organization’s ability to respond to internal and external changes and challengesIncorporate your SWOT analysis findings into clearly stated goals and objectives for a 3- to 5-year period, focusing on your strategic plan areas.You will have two to three goals for each year, with two to three measurable objectives for each goal.Goals may span several years.Outline your goals and objectives clearly and provide a narrative explanation for each.Cite at least three sources to support your information.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines   Professors feedback- make sure to make adjustments  Thanx  for your first section as you described Ascension and their vision. Keep pushing your research depth as you prove that the directions you are suggesting are the right ones, and also what changes are in order. Don’t forget specific headings in between each section to keep your thoughts and research in their own areas. OK? This project will expand as you do more comparative research into AH and where they are versus where they should go. Ask yourself, so what, for each topic as to its value to them moving forward. Try to stay way from just stating reality and making general summaries. If you bring up Lewin or 7-s then tell us why or how they have been used. If you talk about thier mission, vision, values, etc. dissect what it means for them. Make sense? Make this more than a general report about AH. Be analytical. ‘The purpose of this is to propagate a compact image supported by the Catholic ministry. Finally, the organization utilizes strategic resources within its value chain to propagate its strategic plan.’ OK, good, now dissect this as to what it means for them. Get specific, OK? Overall, this was an OK start for your strategic plan so keep up the good work, increase the depth of research and resultant comparative analyses to your project’s subject areas, and make certain that your focus on your problem areas flows through as you examine each topic as it relates to their future successes or challenges. Examine if where they are heading is the right way, and use your research to support the same. Keep discussing how your position relates to their overall vision/mission, and how it flows into the overall strategic plan. You can even choose one area or another as a primary focus for AH which YOU are interested. If your focus is on eliminating injury, focusing on quality or outcomes as in your references on those topics, great, then talk about these topics in every section and build up your research and support for the same. Make sense?