Researching and&nbsp explaining the Biopsychosocial model, and

Researching and  explaining the Biopsychosocial model, and then applying it to your  own development, thus writing an introspective paper  concerning your development, which circles back to  understanding the psychology discipline more  holistically as well as the workings of the model. Page 1 – 400+ words: Describe the  biopsychosocial using only information  obtained by research.Who is the founder of the model? Provide  some history of and needs for the model.Focus should be on the 3 elements of the  modelNature vs. Nurture perspective  Page 2 400+ words:  Describe your development  based on the biopsychosocial (birth to current age). Be sure to include: Physical, genetic, drugs, disability, temperament, IQ, coping  skills, self esteem, social skills, peers, family circumstance,  trauma, school, family relationshipsBreak it down into 3 categories:  1) Childhood  2) Adolescents  3) Emerging adulthood / AdulthoodYou must list all your sources,  both in the research portion  of the paper and in the  reference / bibliography  page. The reference is the  last page of your paper,  and simply records from  where you found your  information.