Report Writing&nbspDuration 6 hours&nbspWord Count 600 words&nbspRe

Report Writing Duration: 6 hours Word Count: 600 words Reference:  APA Question: Identify and discuss one or two important elements necessary for effective and efficient distribution management as demonstrated in the Linfox-Heinz site visit. The topic is about DIFOT in supply chain management. We visited Linfox warehouse few weeks ago and now construct the report for it. Please have a look at the requirements. The other attachment is the information we have collected on site visit. I just need your help to write 600 words for the theory of DIFOT, but please make sure to include 2 journal articles and 1 or 2 logistics textbook for references Please take note/into account the bolded words as it counts alot to my grade.  TIME IS OF ESSENSE PLEASE. BARE IN MIND.Attachments: linfoxvisit.docx group_industry_report_ass_3_sem_1v_2016_modified.docx