Recognition Plan for V.P. Operations

Week 1 – Seth Smith wants to create a new position in his organization and hire a Vice-President of Operations as soon as the Board of Directors approves recommendations made by the HR Department. This position would be a critical and strategic high-level executive employee. Smith does not believe there is anyone in the company that can fit the bill for this key employee who will oversee the company’s expansion. Smith wants to move to using technologically-competent machines in floriculture. This technology theoretically will lead to a reduction in labor or a hiring freeze, particularly for floriculture workers. The idea is to end up getting more crops in the fields while lowering costs and input. Furthermore, he needs someone who can oversee and correct operational inefficiencies. Smith wants a highly educated business person with experience in the industry who can handle all aspects of the business: planning, purchasing, sales and fulfillment, and inventory.

Part of Smith’s idea for Blossoms Up! strategic organizational objectives is the creation and hiring of a Vice-President of Operations. The position will oversee the company’s transformation to a high-technology entity in all phases of the business. Based on the job description completed in Week 1 and considering other factors that should be included in total rewards for this position complete the following:

I am designing an executive compensation package for this position linked to this strategic organizational objective. I need help with components for rewards and recognition. Demonstrate creative suggestions based on emerging trends and issues in total compensation. Write a 150-200 – Reward & Recognition Plan for the Vice-President of Operations written in the third person voice. Format your executive compensation package consistent with APA guidelines.

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