Quality Management and outcome

Nurse administrators should use an evidence-based approach to address the concerns of health care quality. Imagine that you are a newly appointed nurse leader of a health care organization and that your first order of business is to educate and energize your team about the need for a robust quality management policy.

Research three peer-reviewed articles within the last 4 years or scholarly sources to gather the evidence of quality management in health care organizations that can answer the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of having a quality management policy in a health care organization? Why is it necessary?
  • Who are the various health care stakeholders and why do they define the quality of care differently?
  • What similarities does health care quality share with manufacturing or service quality?
  • What areas of health care must nurse administrators routinely monitor for quality?
  • What are the accrediting and regulatory organizations involved in quality improvement? What are their roles?

Create a 8- to 10 slide presentation to make your case a slide presentation, with detailed speaker notes,

Submit CWE (plagiarism) Report of Speaker Notes