PsychologyPS365 Applied Behavior Analysis IICase Study 2 A

PsychologyPS365: Applied Behavior Analysis IICase Study 2: Annie’s change to Language AcquisitionAnnie is a 4-year-old child diagnosed with autism. She uses very little language. She has a few words in her vocabulary and is capable of using language. She currently uses gestures and challenging behavior to get her wants and needs met. For example, if she wants a drink, she will lead her mother to the refrigerator and jump up and down and cry until her mother correctly guesses what she wants. You have been called in to use Skinner’s Verbal Behavior approach to develop a language acquisition program for Annie.Write a 3-4 page paper addressing the following:Design a language acquisition program for Annie. Include the following in the program you design:at least two types of verbal behaviora description of each verbal behavior and why you chose to teach that behaviorwhich verbal behavior you would teach first and whyDevelop a set of procedures to follow to teach each type of verbal behavior. This should include the antecedent and consequent controlling variables for each type of verbal behavior.Describe how you will collect data on Annie’s verbal behavior.Explain how you will evaluate your language acquisition program to know if your program is effective.Describe how you will use Behavioral Skills Training to teach Annie’s mother how to implement your language acquisition program.===============================Please use the attached reference and include in-text citation where appropriate.