psychology response

For Miss Deanna


Write a 2-3 page response to one of the questions below. Be sure to 

citing the critical essay or Chopin’s novel, using MLA or APA parenthetical citation when quoted or paraphrased, and include a bibliography of your sources at the end of your short essay response, arranging the publication information in MLA or APA format.


Response Question 1: on Chopin’s use of realistic themes and techniques in The Awakening. Read the short essay by Patricia Penrose “American Realism: 1865-1919” in which Penrose summarizes various aspects of American realism at the end of the 19thcentury, in the areas of plot and characterization, social analysis, prose characteristics, and use of pychology or analysis of social problems. Select one or two of these characteristics of realism and apply to 

The Awakening: how does the novel embody (or fail to embody) this/these typical aspects of Realism?