Provided a holistic mark out of 10 for the assignment based on its level of achievement

Read the Chapter 10 Case Study: Shell Game: STK Steakhouse Chain

February 7, 2019

Assignment requirements:
The assignment is essay based requiring extensive referencing to reported literature on the topic. The below section headings are not prescribed, but it is generally expected that your assignment covers the following aspects related to your chosen topic:
Background of construction method/technology/technique
Discussion on advancement of particular method/technology/technique
Critique of particular method/technology/technique
Modern approaches to particular method/technology/technique
Benefits of modern method/technology/technique
Future directions for particular method/technology/technique where to next?

Marking criteria:
You will be provided a holistic mark out of 10 for the assignment based on its level of achievement. Marking will examine the following aspects: a) following template formatting instructions and presentation; b) standard of written English; c) critique of literature and appropriate literature citing; d) discussion on advancements, benefits and future directions of method/technology/technique; and e) demonstration of understanding on topic. As a final note, plagiarism, submitting similar works to others, or copying others work will not be tolerated each sentence needs to be your own.


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