please make sure this paper is this paper is 750, if you do

please make sure this paper is this paper is 750, if you do go over 750 words please make sure the max is 800 words.PLEASE READ VERY CAREFULLY! TOPIC : Private Rooms as Sanctuary:Doris Lessing and Alice MunroThe women in these two stories yearn for private space. What does each woman seek in getting a room or a series of rooms,gain from finding the room, and achieve in using (and/or losing) it? incorporate ideas from Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own” into your discussion, you will need to quote directly from this essay. You will also need to come up with a thesis!! You will need these two short stories: ‘to room nineteen’ by doris lessing and ‘the office’, by Alice munro’ you will also need the essay by Virginia wolfe. Please let me know if you need screen shots of the short story and the Virginia Wolfe essay. Your writing should be in the present tense. Include plot, summary analysis by using the thesis that you have come up based on private rooms as sanctuary. Thesis needs to be specific. Conslusion can’t be a reiteration of thesis. TITLE THE ESSAY. No plagDo: –Use page citations for quotes as follows: Susan lay next to her husband and thought to herself, “I am alone, I am alone, I am alone” (226). –Identify story titles on the first mention of each story as follows: In “To Room Nineteen,” Doris Lessing explains… (If you need help reviewing introducing, punctuating and formatting quotes, go here:… )–identify authors by full name on first mention, last name thereafter.–Write a conclusion to your essay that summarizes/finalizes your analysis but does not repeat what you’ve already said. Do NOT end your essay by saying, “In conclusion….” Or “As stated earlier…” Make sure your essay doesn’t just stop, but rather concludes.