Please help with prepartion of CF using the direct and indir

Please help with prepartion of CF using the direct and indirect methods, because the results of Operational CFs on both methods distinguish, while preparing the CF. Here is the problem below:The company was established with authorized capital 200 000$, of which 100 000$ were in cash, 60 000$ was in Building, 40 000$ was in equipment. The company has employees with salary 15 000$. Then it obtained office supplies from Intellect LLC by the price 2000$, but paid 60% in cash. Bought equipment by the price 7000$, but paid 60% of the price. Depreciation for the equipment is 300$ monthly. The company was supplied with goods from Craft LLC by the price 80 000$, plus freight-in charges in the amount of 3000$. During the check, there were found out that some goods are damaged, and some are provided incorrectly against the invoice. The damaged goods amounting to 6000$ were returned to Craft LLC, and despite of fact that there was incorrectness in provision of some goods, the company considered them still eligible for sale, but claimed allowance for them in the amount of 4000$. Craft LLC agrees and states that if our company makes the payment for the goods in 15 days, it will get an additional 10% discount on the price. Our company makes the payment during the discounting period. During the month company makes sales amounting to 220 000$ to Barnes LLC and send them invoice. During the transportation some of the goods were damaged and Barnes LLC returned to us 6000$ worth of damaged goods that costed 2500$, and paid in cash just 110 000$. Ending inventory at the end of the month was 15 000$. The utility expenses were 500$. All the expenses were paid out.