Please help me with my research paper. My final grade depend

Please help me with my research paper. My final grade depends on it. Below you will find the information my professor is requesting out of my paper. Now I have done some papers on abortion so you will be able to find ideas and recourses that I have to use. This is a 10-12 page research paper.ResearchEssay AssignmentOverviewThe major project in this class isyour persuasive research essay. Your research essay must be a 10-12 page(approximately 2500-3000 word) essay that takes a clearly definable stanceregarding an issue, supports it with credible research, and defends iteffectively in an appropriate academic writing style. The essay shoulddemonstrate the standards of good argumentation.Research RequirementsFor your final essay you will berequired to utilize information from the following areas:Internet—1 – 4 sourcesAcademic Journals, Articles, and/or Periodicals— 4 – 7 sourcesAcademic Book—1 – 7 sourcesBiblical—1 sourceOriginal Research—1 sourceNotes: Source selections for a., b., and c. must meet thestandards of credibility established in this class. Students mustevaluate each source for accuracy and authority.Your biblical reference requires substantial supportfor your thesis from whatever translation of the Bible you choose. Linkyour research meaningfully with scripture as best you can.Original research examples include interviews, polls,questionnaires, observations, experiments, case studies, and other methodsof collecting information beneficial to your thesis. For example, auniversity is a wonderful place to seek interviews with knowledgeablesources (faculty experts in diverse disciplines).However you decide on the numbers for each kind ofsource, the total number of sources must be 14 minimum.FormatYour essay should be composed inproper MLA format, including headers, page-numbering, font, paragraphing, linespacing, documentation, and the Work Cited page.The grading rubric for theassignment can be found in the ‘Additional Resources’ section of thiscourse.Pleasedo not plagiarize or you will be caught. ASSIGNMENT GOES THROUGH SAFE ASSIGNAND WILL BE CHECK THROUGH.