please help me with grammar and punctuation and see if the c

please help me with grammar and punctuation and see if the correct answer the questions 1.  Your name.2.  Your educational goals. 3.  Your greatest hope. 4.  Your reason for taking the course (Please do not say it was required or it was one of my choices to fulfill a requirement) Something interested you, what interested you about the course? 5.  What you hope to learn from this course?My name is Ali Mardi. I am married with one child. I have completed my ESL Class at DMACC and I am now taking the college (credit) classes in my second year of study. Prior this point, I have undergone my foundational education at [sounds awkward what is different way to write] went to Hoover High School and Des Moines Area Community college. My educational aspirations rest upon my dream of completing my degree in AA,.There are many reasons people take history class, but for me I believe that learning history will help me develop judgement in the worldly affairs and it will strengthen my critical thinking skills.I am expecting to learn from this course how to organize and support the paper I am writing, and how to analyze other sources, and understand historical events and periods.