Please help me finish this assignment. No plagiarize. Conta

Please help me finish this assignment. No plagiarize. Contact the business to make an appointment to meet with the owner or to talk with them by phone if in person is not possible. In person is best if this can be arranged.Prepare in advance a list of questions- be mindful of their time as they are busy. Example- it is not a good idea to try to interview a restaurant manager at lunch. Suggest a time when they are not as busy.If interviewing in person; please dress appropriatelyAlways thank them for taking the time to speak with you, even if you interview a family member.Take the information that you received during your interview and write a paper based on that information. Paragraph form is fine; does not need to be APA style. Use correct grammar and punctuation. DO NOT just answer the questions. YOU MUST write a paper .Suggested Questions How did you decide on what business you wanted to start?How did you decide on a location for your business?How did you finance the start up of your business?If you are comfortable sharing, how much initial investment did you have in your business?What obstacles or problems did you encounter when you started your business?How did you decide on how many people to hire for your initial start-up?What challenges have you faced with your employees?What advice would you give others that might be interested in starting a business? Thank you very much!