Please follow all instruction and turn in on time.



Read the questions CAREFULLY! Ask yourself, what are they specifically asking? Overall, give a specific, clear, to


the point explanation.


How to do that:


1. Get right to the point. Don’t rewrite the question!


2. Answer in specific terms, not in general. A good way to do this is to use examples: from the readings, the class,


or the real world. Being able to apply the material and theories of the course to the real world in a goal in this




3. When using examples, make sure that it is clear why you are using that particular example to answer the




4. When making general statements, such as “with proper information, parks can be greatly improved,” be sure to


follow them up with answers to questions such as who, what, why and how.


5. Avoid making all encompassing statements, such as using the words “all,” “every,” “no one,” etc. unless they


are true.


6. Be prepared to defend every statement you make with recognized facts. For example, if you make a statement,


follow it up with a quote from the text or other recognized authority or a specific example.




Part I Short Essay (Choose Three) 15 Points Each





1. Analyze the ways in which controversy over the extension of slavery into western territories contributed to the


coming of the Civil War. Confine your answer to the period 1845–1861.


2. In what ways did the second great awakening in the north influence three of the following?






cult of domesticity


utopian communities


3. What was the concept of Manifest Destiny? Was it a self-serving belief system or did it have a sincere intent?


What impact did this concept have on Native Americans? On Mexico? How did the implementation of this


concept change the culture of the United States?


4. Explain how cotton became the leading crop of the South.




Part II Long Essay (Answer Both )





Each question is organized around a central theme, but also provides you with the freedom to answer it in a manner


of your choosing. You get to decide what information to use AND to leave out). Regardless of the choices you make


regarding the content, you must include a well written, clear and persuasive thesis statement that is supported by


EXAMPLES, which are organized into separate distinct paragraphs. As we have discussed all semester long your


conclusion should act as a summation of your claim and major points.


1. Who really makes a difference? Can one individual influence the direction of history? Our studies this semester


point to YES. But who, in American history, was the most influential? Select three individuals who had a


significant and lasting impact on the history of the United States and explain how their actions, decisions, and


leadership changed the history of America until 1865


2. “Change over time” has always been a part of the human story. Choose three minority groups


(African American, Women, Native American, and Hispanic) Discuss the role of education, religion, culture and trace


the changes they have seen from the beginning of this class until the end of the Civil War.