Please answer following questions

You may answer either Part A or Part B (do not answer both).

Part A: Essay question worth 15%

In a thoughtfully worded essay not to exceed three handwritten or two typed pages, please consider the findings of the IPCC (‘Details’ and ‘Vulnerability’ lectures) and detail what you consider to be the greatest threats to humanity and to species presently and through the 21st century. You may choose to draw upon other lectures covered in class (e.g. ‘Understanding the Sceptics’, ‘Case for the Anthropocene’ and others), and your personal experience in your response.

Part B: Three short essay questions, worth 5% each. For each question, please limit your answer to 1 page.

B1. What do you feel is the greatest challenge for the world in dealing with global change?

B2. Why do you feel that some people deny the evidence of climate change? Do you think that there is there any possibility of changing their minds?

B3. Of the global changes that we discussed in class, what one(s) do you feel are inevitable, and why? How do you think that this change will impact your life over the rest of this century?