Performance reviews in your firm have always been completed

Performance reviews in your firm have always been completed by managers and then discussed with workers. But you’ve been reading about 360 degree reviews that include feedback from peers and others working with or for the person being evaluated. You’re also aware that new technology makes it easy to conduct evaluations online and even to make them happen in almost real time, on a project-by-project basis, without a manager leading the process. As soon as a task is completed by an individual or team, a 360 degree review can be done online and the feedback immediately used for future performance improvement. You’d like to start crowdsourcing evaluations at your firm in order to save costs by cutting management levels, and also to improve the flow and timeliness of performance feedback. Before going further, you sit down to make a list of the pros and cons of the idea.QuestionsWhat’s on your list of pros and cons, and why? You next decide to make another list of resources and support from key persons that would be needed to implement the practice. What’s on this second list and why? Read the article and write an essay based on the questions. no more than 500 words.There are three examples in the attatchment. Please read them and also write a 200 words comments for each of them.Attachments: 111.docx