Outline and Annotated Bibliography CYBER CRIMEUsing your p

Outline and Annotated Bibliography ‘CYBER CRIME’Using your project proposal as a guide, develop an outline for your course paper and attach an annotated bibliography of a minimum of six (6) peer-reviewed resources. When you have completed your work, submit it to the drop box as a single document. Please refer to the following guidelines to help you shape your work:OutlineYour outline should include the following:A brief introduction identifying your topic area, a working thesis statement, and a clearly defined statement on the position you are taking in this projectA brief outline of each subpoint you will make to support your thesis statement (each subpoint you make will eventually become a body paragraph or two in your paper—you should plan to make several subpoints throughout your paper)A brief statement referring to how you might conclude your paperYou should expect to alter and define your position as you craft your paper, but you should use your outline to help you stay on track throughout the research and writing process.Annotated Bibliography ‘CYBER CRIME’Your annotated bibliography should include a full, APA-style citation followed by a brief annotation of at least six (6) peer-reviewed resources.Each of your annotations should do the following:Identify the name of the source and the author(s)Summarize the main point(s) the author(s) makes and any relevant supporting subpointsInclude a statement referring to the quality of the source (is it effective?) and how you might use it in your research project to support your position.