Option #1 Policy Analysis of the Affordable Care LawFor you

Option #1: Policy Analysis of the Affordable Care LawFor your project, analyze the Affordable Care Law in a 9-10 page paper not including the title or references pages. In your analysis you will need to address the following:How all three branches of government were involved in its creation, and the issues associated with their involvement. The role of public opinion and lobbying groups and their impact on the laws development The balance of markets and their participation in the programThe concepts of equity, efficiency, and effectiveness and their role in the law and its passageThe initial anticipated effects on cost, quality, and access and whether the projections were correct or incorrectThe anticipated effects on Medicare and the aging as well as Medicaid and the poor.Your paper must utilize 4-5 scholarly sources. You may not use the required readings from the course.  You may use sources from reliable public media.All assignments must be formatted according to APA Requirements.