Online Assessment Measures

Directions: You have been provided some additional information about Maria in the introduction to this module. In assessing Maria’s current state and needs you have decided to use some testing. Using the American Psychiatric Association – Online Assessment Measures website, choose two of the assessments listed there.

Then, explain how you will use each in the assessment process with Maria. Justify your selection of each assessment by describing why it is relevant to Maria’s case and how it will help you arrive at a diagnosis for Maria. Explain the distinction between the formal and functional diagnosis of Maria. Your paper should be 800 – 1200 words in length and should be supported by three sources (including the text).

This paper must:

  • have a thesis statement (statement of purpose/intent), must indicate the topics to be covered
  • use ONLY professional, objective language. Use objective, formal, not conversational tone/style
  • use APA style
  • use direct quotes sparingly – work on paraphrasing and appropriate citations for the paraphrased information

Before you submit your assignment to Blackboard, submit it to using the link below. After you have reviewed your Originality Report and used it to reduce your Similarity Index appropriately (you can submit your assignment to multiple times), submit BOTH your assignment and the Originality Report to Blackboard. 

Submission: To submit your file, choose the link titled, Assignment 5: DSM 5 Online Assessment, above. Use the “Browse My Computer” button in the Attach File area to attach your document. Be sure to complete your submission by choosing the “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen.

Grading: This assignment is worth 50 points toward your final grade and will be graded using the Assignment Rubric A. Please use it as a guide toward successful completion of this assignment.


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