ONE PARAGRAPH ON EACH DISCUSSION&nbspinstructions&nbspOne Paragr

ONE PARAGRAPH ON EACH DISCUSSION: instructions: One Paragraph only for each duscussion.      Duscussion 1: Feel comfortable to express your own thoughts and ideas in a brief paragraph or two. Topic: When you travel to South America, you encounter countries that have a vast amount of natural resources, and very large labor forces. However, despite an abundance of these resources, you also see a lot of poverty.Can you provide an economic explanation of why poverty exists? Duscussion 2:Topic: Some economists argue that the government intervention makes the economic outcome even worse. Some argue that there are important economic roles of the government. What is your opinion? Does the government do good or bad?Duscussion 3:How to determine your happiness when you say you are happy? Do you think it can be measured? According to “Personality and Subjective Well-Being,” Understanding Well-Being: Scientific Perspectives on Enjoyment and Suffering, The Russell Sage Foundation, 1998, Human happiness is a real phenomenon that can be measured. Do you think utility or happiness can be measured?Briefly discuss.