Odogwu Casino, Inc.Racquel and Danielle were shareholders in

Odogwu Casino, Inc.Racquel and Danielle were shareholders in Odogwu Casino, Inc., which operated a casino in West Baltimore.Racquel owned 51 percent of the stock and Danielle owned 49 percent. Danielle managed the casino, whichRacquel typically visited once a week. At the end of 2013, an accounting audit showed that the cash on hand wasless than the amount posted in the casino’s books. Later, more shortfalls were discovered. In December 2014,Racquel, and her team of accountants, did a complete audit. Danielle was unable to account for $1,650,230 inmissing cash. Racquel then kept all of the casino’s most recent profits, including Danielle’s $980,909 share.And, without telling Danielle, Racquel sold the casino for $5,400,000 and kept all of the proceeds. Discuss.I.a.b.c.d.II.a.b.c.d.e.f.g.h.i.III.a.b.c.d.e.The presentation of your paper shall adhere to the following structure:Issue – Identify the issue(s) (Each issue must have its own IRAC)Rule – Identify and explain/define the applicable rule(s), term(s), or concept(s)Analysis – Apply the applicable rule, term, or concept to the facts. And, present arguments for both sides.Conclusion – Pick one side and give a conclusionFormatting rulesTimes new roman 12 Point fontDouble spacedEnd justify (both right and left)Include page numbers0.75 inch page margins all aroundHeader should take up no more than two lines and should include your name, student id, class, andassignment nameCase should be no more than three pages, no less than oneMust be hand delivered on blackboard on or before class on May 5, 2016 at 11:00 p.m.References – APA format (should have its own page)Case Rubric:Proper format, spelling, grammar and aesthetics: 10%Correct issue(s) identification: 30%Correct rule(s) identification: 20%Analysis: 30%On-time submission: 10%